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St.-Petersburg, OO, ru
About me:
In this world of snow and cold I'll hide- in this world of ice I've built with pride- of all things that I'd most like to receive- there's just one thing I really want this Christmas Eve- I believe, I believe it's you- I know youre out there waiting in the cold- all shimmering and blue and warm to hold- but if I try and really do believe- I'll get just what I'm waiting for this Christmas Eve- I believe, I believe it's you- Nothing can compare- nothing can come close to you- nothing can compare- nothing else will ever do- buried in the snow I'll wait for you- and keep on wishing 'till my dreams come true- I feel your touch, it melts the world away- and we'll be together in the light of Christmas Day- far away, far away with you...
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...London After Midnight..., DSI★, Latexxx Teens, Ministry, IAMX, Marilyn Manson, Stereo Junks!, Zeromancer, SexyDeath, Embraze, Charon...............etc, etc, etc....

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